GFWC The Monday Club, Inc.

1306 Stetson Road
P.O. Box 2974
Prescott, Arizona 86302-2974
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Monday Club Pic 2 - signGFWC The Monday Club, Inc., of Prescott, Arizona, is the oldest Women’s Club in Arizona. It was organized August 19, 1895, as the Prescott Women’s Club and grew out of a nucleus of women who had formed the Prescott History Study Club in 1891 and the Prescott Chautaugua Circle in 1892. Mrs. F. A. Tritle, the wife of the Territorial Governor of Arizona, was instrumental in the formation of this club and is listed in the club yearbook as President from 1896 to 1900, as well as from 1901 to 1903.

There was and is no age limit and no racial or religious requirement for membership. In 1895 The Monday Club (or Prescott Women’s Club as it was called then) had a membership of 79, and while the number has varied depending on the ‘times’, The Monday Club, Inc., currently has just under 30 members and growing.

The object of the club is to be of service to its members and the community by maintaining an organized center adequate for the cultural and educational advantages of its members.

Regular meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, September through June, at the Monday Club building on Stetson Road (entrances off Stetson or Robinson) enter by the parking lot door, or as otherwise scheduled by the President or the Program Chairman of the day.

Meeting time is 1:00 p.m. or as otherwise scheduled for luncheons and/or programs.

Dues are payable yearly. Active members pay $35 per year.

We welcome new members.  Please contact:
Lynn McDougal, President GFWC The Monday Club, Inc. PO Box 2974 (Mailing) 86302-2974 1306 Stetson Rd (enter at the parking lot door) Prescott, AZ 86303 Tel: 928/541-0269 E-mail:

Program and Project Highlights:
While early interests of the members were literary and historical, they soon became involved with educational projects, conservation, public affairs, home life, the arts, and the library. Early members were responsible for securing matching funds to build the Carnegie Library in 1903, located on the southwest corner of Marina and Gurley in Prescott. This was the first public library in the territory. The Monday Club, Inc., donated a sizeable sum to the new Prescott Library and the Heritage Room in the library bearing the club’s name.

At present, the programs of The Monday Club, Inc., are related to the departments of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) of which the club has been a member since 1901. In addition to the above programs, the club has added: International Affairs, Domestic Violence, Leadership, Membership, Public Policy and Advocacy, Public Relations, Exploring our Heritage.

Today, the Monday Club, Inc., has a variety of activities. In addition to general meetings held each month, there are various interest groups and committee meetings. Other special projects include: the Salvation Army Annual Angel Tree, Head Start, Cougar Lane Preschool Reading program, and the annual Pioneer’s Home Tea.

The Monday Club, Inc., is more than a social organization. The members are volunteers with awareness of the community’s needs. Members donate their time to read to young students at the Cougar Lane Preschool in Chino Valley. College Scholarships are presented to local high school graduates and adult women who are returning to school to continue their education via the Yavapai Scholarship Foundation for which The Monday Club contributes yearly funding. These scholarships are for the female nursing students and offset college expenses. Through fundraising activities, the members of The Monday Club make a difference in the community.

Join us. We’re always looking for women who want to make this an even BETTER club.
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One of our club TEAS with entertainment by local music students.

Our clubhouse is available for parties, meeting, other social activities for up to 128 people. The clubhouse is a large room with a raised stage. Kitchen facilities are available for an extra fee. Call our rental agent at 928-778-4552 for more information.