Shot@Life Champion – Janis Atherton

Janis Atherton

Janis Atherton, member of GFWC Morristown WC, attended the Shot@Life Champion Summit in Washington, D.C. February 29 – March 2, 2016. The event is a three day training to provide interested volunteers information on how to be an effective advocate for global child immunization programs. Janis was awarded one of only ten scholarships from the United Nations Foundation for GFWC members to attend the conference.

When Janis was asked why she wants to be a Shot@Life Champion, she replied: “No one person can change the world; but one person can do one thing to make a difference in one person’s, or in this case, one child’s life. If I can learn the skills I need to change one person’s apathy into action so that even one child is saved from dying of a preventative disease, than that is what I am compelled to do – in our local community and our global community. One person, doing one thing. “

“I believe that every child is important. Every child is a gift. Every child is deserving of a healthy start to life. Immunizations are one of the essential building blocks to establishing that foundation for growth. A child must first live before I can begin worrying about doing the next “one thing”; providing a meaningful education for that child so they can grow to be a contributing member to their society.”

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